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Red Indian Chief from Poltava – Ivan Datsenko

Ivan Datsenko born 1918 in the village of Chernechy Yar, Dykanka county of former Russian Empire (now, Ukraine). He attended a local secondary school. He graduated from the veterinary college in village of Pysarevshchina in 1937. In the same year he was drafted to serve in the Red Army. In 1940 he graduated from Orenburg Aviation School.

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Poltava Pyramids

When you mention the word "pyramid", there is probably the most common association with Egypt. At once you imagine hot arid terrain, endless dazzling yellow sand and scorching sun, laden camels with the attendants, rare palms and giant stone tetrahedrons rising above the plain, sometimes decorated with enigmatic Sphinx. Indeed, the most famous on the Earth are ancient Egyptian pyramids. However, the largest artificial constructions on the globe are no longer the symbol of a particular country. These man-made wonders are found in various parts of the world: in Egypt and China, Sudan and Peru, Tibet and Mexico ... and even in Ukraine.

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Incredible story of the Poltava recordholder – Hilde Mare

In 1927, a young but already world-known rider Mikhailo Stasenko gained confident victory at the Moscow Hippodrome. He crossed the finish line and set a new record, riding the mare Hilde. The history of this one can not fit in a few lines. Glory and horrible ordeals of the World II have combined in her fate.

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