Daily Rentals in Poltava

10+ years at the local market
Inspecting every single apartment
In touch with client 24/7
English-speaking personnel

Interpreter in Poltava

English-speaking guides
Escorting from Kiev/Kharkiv airport
Legal documents translation: agreements, contracts etc
Notary attestation

Places to Go in Poltava

TOP food venues in the city
Cultural heritage objects in Poltava
Detailed descriptions (location & photos)
Up-to-date contact info

Poltava Tours

‘Poltavska halushka’ Excursion Bureau

Local excursion bureau "Poltavska halushka" offers interesting excursion tours in Poltava and Poltava region.
Six optional excursion programs lasting from 1.5 hours to 3 days.

  • Address:
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‘Amigo’ Excursion Bureau

The local excursion bureau "Amigo" offers excursion tours around Poltava and the Poltava region. Large selection of tours, interesting thematic programs, bike tours are possible.

  • Address:
    4/119 Nikitchenka street
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‘Vilmat’ Travel Agency

Local travel agency "Vilmat" conducts thematic tours of Poltava and Poltava region.
Great atmosphere, the best guides, tea and sweets in the Korolenko Museum.

  • Address:
    11 Heroiv-Chornobyltsiv Street
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‘Feyeriya Mandriv’ (Excursion Tours to Poltava)

Travel agency "Feyeriya Mandriv" offers two sightseeing tours of interesting places of Poltava region.
The duration of the tours is three days.

  • Address:
    43, Sobornosti St (214-А office, 2nd floor)
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‘KrainaUA’ (Excursions to Poltava)

Travel agency "KrainaUA" offers two different tours to Poltava from Kyiv and Kharkiv.
Interesting travel organization and a lot of good feedback from customers who have already visited Poltava region. The tour lasts two days.

  • Address:
    Kyiv city, 1 Budivelnykiv street, office 21
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Virtual Trips to Poltava Region Monuments

Innovative cultural product. 3D map of Poltava region with the designation of all archeological attractions of Poltava region. Easy navigation and a lot of useful information.

  • Address:
    37 Stritenska street
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